Infinity Line

Innovative and Sustainable Technology

This is the best definition for the Infinity Line by Perfiltec, where sustainability goes beyond mere discourse. The company's actions are outlined to operate in harmony with the environment. This attitude led to the development of the INFINITY Line, technology that results from a process that adds PVC to wood residues, forming a substrate for the manufacture of profiles with a highly accurate wood finish, with excellent durability, among other excellent characteristics. The product is 100% recyclable, has a natural wood finish and can be bored, sawed, glued, painted, coated or bolted like real wood. The next step was to manufacture a range of products with creativity and lasting durability.


INFINITY line profiles are commonly used in civil construction, applied to outdoor and indoor walls, dividers, skirting, ceiling finishes, pool decks, pergolas, walkways, and garden furniture, among others.

Perfiltec is a pioneering company in the country in the manufacture of products using a composition of PVC and wood residue.

PVC is tougher than products manufactured with PP, highlighting the INFINITY line and ensuring an edge on competing products.

Differences between Infinity profiles compared to conventional wood:

Infinity products are extremely versatile an durable. Compared to wood, there are many benefits:

Principais diferenças entre PVC e PP
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